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Remembrance of Giuliano - Letters


My Dear Son Giuliano


Just the other day, we were laughing together

Today I am here with your friends and family to bury you, Julz


To bury a husband was hard, 

To bury my son is against nature and a pain which words cannot tell. 


You were but twenty-five, a man with a heart of gold

But wise beyond your age and spiritually advanced

And you could play with life with a grown man's confidence

And now you know already the answer to all your questions. 


You died knowing you were dying and moving onto another level to be with Papa

But you were not afraid. You freed yourself from this life. 

It was your choice my son and you have my utmost respect for what you did.


You were brave, and you were handsome,

You were highly intelligent, and you were generous, 

You gave love, and you gave friendship,

And you had love, you had a family and many, many friends, 

You had an exciting life and lived life to the fullest.


You shared with all - your beautiful smile, 

Your charm, your wit, your sense of humour, your enthusiasm


Your future was a promise of challenge and adventure

But for you that was simple and you needed more...

You decided to leave earth to seek a greater power in 

Your spiritual being and that I understand


I am asking, where are you really as this is but your body?

Are you now the hot sun? Are you the clouds and the rain?

Are you this wind Julz, or are you the stars in the sky overhead?


I will look for you always and I will see you in every flower, in every bird,

In every red sunset, as everything of beauty wil forever be you. 

Anything young and proud, anything good and strong. 


You were an extraordinary person, misunderstood by some

Your short life was extraordinary and 

Extraordinary was your sudden parting


For us - who are left behind - remains just to wonder

The reason for your choice to leave now. 


Thank you for giving me the honour and privilege 

Of having you for twenty-five years - I have been blessed. 


Julz my son, as sure as the sand, it is written, 

We shall be together again. 

I hope your journey has been good

As you have already arrived.


You will be sorely missed

I love you Julz



Where to start? There is so much to say about my beautiful son, Giuliano, we could be here all day! Because Giuliano was so unique, people craved his company and he always took centre stage. Some of his performances were truly worthy of an Oscar.

Like Claudio (his Father), Giuliano had the same broad smile and infectious laugh. They both relished the opportunity to entertain people in their own special way and make them laugh. In fact, on many levels, they were like two peas in a pod.

Julz had a wicked sense of humour, always joking, teasing and playful with a twist. He was always hungry for knowledge. If people make reference to or speak about ‘Mr Know All’ our Giuliano would be able to wear that Title or Badge with confidence as he was the original ‘Mr Know All’.

Every subject matter was a challenge to him to research and quench his insatiable thirst for knowledge. He would go so in-depth until he had all the facts on hand.

One thing about Giuliano – He never suffered fools and as a result was sometimes misunderstood.

Julz had a passion for fast cars, speed, Martial Arts, Cage Fighting – anything that gave him an adrenaline rush.

The profound words he wrote indicate how intellectually and spiritually advanced he was. His quest was to undertake the Ultimate Journey thereby finding the answers to his unanswered questions.

Giuliano was loved by all who knew him and will always be sorely missed. He knew a lot of people and had a wide range of friends from all walks of life. All the countless messages on Facebook are a clear indication of his popularity and the love everybody had for him.


----------------- “I’ll lend you for a while a beautiful child of Mine”, He said.

” For you to love when he lives and mourn when he dies.

It may be six or seven years or twenty five or more, but will you,

till I call him back, take good care of him for Me?” ..............................


Will love and miss you Always and Forever my Son