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Letters from Diners


Wow! We have experienced our most special moments at Lucios. Lucios is not a restaurant to us, it's a place where we visit our friends, and get fed at the same time. We don't even look at the menu anymore! Bad? Yes, but that's how long we have been eating at Lucios. We were devastated by Claudio's passing, however we have come to know and love Bimba, and every single person who works at Lucios, from Xander to all the beautiful waitrons. All we can say is, "Thankyou" for giving us a special place to visit, whether it is a celebration or just an Italian diningroom. We visited the restaurant (the three of us) and brought a special friend of mine for the last 10 years. Whilst we were eating our main course, we heard a catastrophe next to us, and as we turned to look, we noticed that the gorgeous Maria (our waitress) had dropped a chocolate mousse on the floor, which upon landing splattered all over our "special friend's" outfit - from his shoes, to his jeans, to his collar, face and hair. Needless to say, we were hysterical!

Gary Jerrard / Anne Bartman / Isandro Pinto (Since 1991)   


Always good food and friendly service, which you have been able to maintain despite Claudio's sad passing.

Viva la famiglia

Anton & Janine Coy (+- 8 years) 


Lucios was like an extension of my kitchen.

-The minimum visit / take away was once a week on a Thursday. I used to still study in Rosebank and the one number I had always saved on my phone (at the beginning of cellphones), was the number for Lucios - you should know how much I loved the pizza if I was prepared to call (at those crazy expensive rates) as I left Rosebank. As I arrived my Lucios Special with extra chillies was just out the oven and ready for me to enjoy.

-The eye-candy waiters has always been great!

-Best memory: A group of us decided to go to a restaurant in Pretoria, only to find out we could not get there due to the 94.7 roadrace - almost 2 hours later we managed to circle back - instead of pretentious French we had the best afternoon here at Lucios, with a Joburg thunderstorm added for atmosphere.

Daniel van der Linde (20 years) 


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