This is a section dedicated to Claudio and his son Giuliano Merlo, whom both died within a year of each other. Claudio was the much loved founder and owner of Lucios Pizzeria. Giuliano, his son,  was a familiar face at the pizzeria even after his father's passing and was well known to a lot of customers.

Bimba and Armando are keeping up the legacy of their husband, father and brother and have dedicated a section of the website in their Rememberance.


“If a man is the collection of other People’s impressions of him, then it is clear that Claudio was a huge influence on many people’s lives all over the world. The overriding impression for all he touched is of a man who lived life simply and to the end with great generosity of spirit."

- MyNorthcliff, 22/01/2009 - A tribute to Claudio Merlo